Tin Shed Membership Application

Athletes wishing to access the Tin Shed must fill in the following information.
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What is your first name? *

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Are you registered with Athletics Tasmania for the 2017/18 season? *

Sorry, only currently registered members of Athletics Tasmania are eligible to become members of the Tin Shed.

Of which club are you a member? *

All athletes who use the Tin Shed are required to be a member of Athletics Tasmania.
Please note:  Accredited coaches are not required to pay a membership fee.  They are, however, required to pay the deposit for key access.

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Would you like independent access to the Tin Shed? *

If you are an athlete wanting to access the Tin Shed without a coach, you will need your own key.  A key will provide you with independent access throughout the period of your membership and requires a $30.00 deposit, payable to the Athletics Tasmania office; this deposit is refundable upon return of the key.  Coaches will require a key to gain access to the Tin Shed for training purposes.
Gaining access to a key

Do you agree to the terms and conditions as described below? *

1.   Anyone seeking independent access to the gym can request a key. A condition of the provision of a key is undertaking an induction session. Upon approval following the induction. A $30 deposit is required for provision of the key which is refundable on return to the Athletics Tasmania office.

2.   In the case of a lost key you are required to first notify the Athletics Tasmania office immediately via email (info@tasathletics,org.au). Upon approval you may be granted a replacement key, which will incur an additional $30 charge.
To organise your induction session, please contact Evan Peacock via email at evan.peacock@utas.edu.au

Upon approval following the induction session payment of your $30 deposit will be required at the Athletics Tasmania office where you will also be provided with your key.

I, {{answer_41431400}}, agree to adhere to the code of conduct and acknowledge that if I break this code my membership may be suspended or terminated at the discretion of Athletics Tasmania

There are important guidelines to follow for sharing a workout space with others at the Tin Shed due to the potential risks associated with using this equipment. 
   -   Be mindful of others when using the equipment       
   -   You MUST be a financial member     
   -   You use the Tin Shed at your own risk
   -   If you don’t have a programmed routine, a warmup of 10 minutes is recommended  

Safety: Always undertake gym activities in a safe manner.
Equipment: Take care of the equipment. Clean up after yourself. Always bring a towel to clean equipment. Please put all equipment away in its correct location after use.
Sharing Equipment: Share the equipment and don’t rush others. If you’re in the middle of a circuit but taking a break, let others slip in between sets to save time.  Additionally, let others know if you’re doing sets where you need to use equipment at specific time interval.
You are there to train:  Once you have completed your session please socialise outside of the building.
Damage or injury:  Inform Athletics Tasmania immediately regarding damage to equipment, injury or near miss. An incident report must be filled out as soon as possible and no later than 24 hours after the incident.
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A payment of {{var_price}} is required as your membership fee *

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Thank you for submitting your information. Please contact the Athletics Tasmania office by phone or email to organise your payment.
Phone: (03) 6234 9551
Email: info@tasathletics.org.au

Please note: The Athletics Tasmania office is staffed part time hours during the week.

Thank you, your information has been received and will be confirmed by Athletics Tasmania.
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If you wish to enjoy the facilities offered in the Tin Shed, head to the Athletics Tasmania website at www.tasathletics.org.au to learn how to join a club.
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